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Test principle of polarization stress meter

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  • Date: June 28, 2020
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For those with antipolarization Stress meter For a large number of users with rigid requirements of, first of all, it is clear that the testing principle is the prerequisite for performing measurement work and improving the production process.
Some customers are still not affected by the test principle and operation method of the polarizing stress meter even after it has been purchased and used for a period of time, which affects the performance and test results of the meter.

The testing principle of polarization stress meter is as follows:
The stress value of glass products is accurately tested. The core component of glass products is the built-in light wave plate of the stress meter. At the beginning of the test, the light wave plate can make use of the diffuse reflection and refraction principle of the light to conduct birefringence after the glass product is brought into the glass product by the light source, so as to enter the human eye. The stress difference of each part of the glass product leads to the path difference in the eyes of the daylighter, and the optical path difference is formed in the middle.

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