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Shenzhen Dongyi Precision Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2014. After years of operation and development, it has grown into a well-known supplier of quality inspection and control and experimental equipment solutions in the industry, specializing in the production and agency of leading detection instruments, test equipment and consumables at home and abroad. The company always adheres to the people-oriented principle and pursues technology leadership. It has a strong technical R&D team, rich experience, excellent technology and innovative ideas. In line with the business philosophy of "professional level, excellent quality, star service", we strive to improve our competitiveness for customers and repay customers with efficient services. In the field of laboratory solutions and instrument equipment provision, it has gained great trust and support from new and old customers, and has an irreplaceable position in the industry. Our company has always taken science, justice and accuracy as the quality spirit to provide professional laboratory solutions and equipment support for customers in photoelectric glass, electronic appliances, plastic hardware and other industries. The company has successively set up offices in Anhui and Chongqing; The business takes South China, Central China and Southwest China as the core and radiates to most parts of the country. Under the guidance of the entrepreneurial spirit of all the staff of the company, which is full of passion, courage, innovation, breaking through limitations, and reasonable optimization of resources, the company has climbed one peak after another on the road of development.

Professional agent of well-known instruments and equipment at home and abroad

Provide professional laboratory solutions and equipment support

  • Strong technical R&D team
  • Experienced and excellent technology and innovative ideas
  • High quality product supporting star service



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