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Advantages of residual stress detector

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  • Date: November 26, 2021-12
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remnant Stress detector It is a kind of glass surface stress meter. Its measuring principle is to use the optical waveguide effect of the ion exchange layer on the glass surface to measure. Today, Dongyi Seiko, the supplier of stress gauge, shares with you the advantages of residual stress detector
1. Good repeatability, the repeatability of each channel is less than 0.01% FS, ensuring the objective test results and good time comparability
2. The channel consistency is good, the output value is independent of the access channel position, the error between channels is less than 0.01% FS, and the stress calculated by multi-channel is accurate
3. Strong load carrying capacity. The test result is not affected by the number of access test points, less than 0.01% FS, which is convenient for multi-point testing, with accurate results and good comparability
4. The zero point is true, which is different from the zero point tracking of other short-term static load testing instruments. It can ensure that the strain change of the micro creep of the workpiece will not be eaten up by the algorithm of the instrument that seems to have very stable values and cannot be displayed
5. High resolution, up to 0.1 με, It is ensured that the calculated stress has high resolution accuracy and can observe the micro creep of stress. This resolution is 0.1 με It is an effective real resolution and a stable graduation value that can change with the load; It is different from some A/D with high digit but high noise and low effective digit; For the stable strain signal, the transformed output strain seems to have many decimal places. However, due to the high noise of the A/D circuit and the large voltage fluctuation after conditioning, the output value of the A/D circuit, even the single digit or even the ten digit, cannot be stabilized με The strain signal is identified.
6. Time drift ≤ 3 με/ 24h, temperature drift ≤ 1 με/ ℃ to ensure that the results are not affected by the change of external temperature and time during the plastic release process
7. Unique nonlinear algorithm, linear error is less than 0.01% FS, ensuring good linearity of test results under various bridge roads and large strains, suitable for various plastic materials and large stress tests
8. The latest strain algorithm ensures that under the initial large imbalance, the linear error is less than 0.01% FS, and the strain output is not affected. It is suitable for situations where the resistance of strain gauges on each bridge arm varies greatly, greatly reducing the requirements and cost of the resistance accuracy of the corresponding strain gauges
9. Electromagnetic compatibility design ensures safe operation during drilling without stopping or jumping; It is guaranteed not to be affected by human static electricity, surrounding welding, EDM, gantry planer and high-frequency furnace. It has a wide and reliable application range and is really suitable for various factories and laboratory sites
10. The resistance compensation setting of the long conductor ensures that the test result is not affected by the length of the conductor (generally, 10 meters of conductor will lead to an error of more than 1%)
11. Grades A and B can be set. The high residual stress test error is small, and the average error of low-carbon steel weldments is reduced from 44.4% to 6.2%. Dynamic A/B can also be implanted in the software to perfectly eliminate the test error of welding high residual stress, and the error is reduced from 35% to 2%
12. It can be tested at multiple points at the same time and placed uniformly, eliminating the temperature rise and plastic influence at the hole edge, with higher efficiency; The residual stress release law can be understood
13. Clear and punch holes point by point, eliminate the external influence on the numerical value of the points to be punched, and ensure the accuracy of multi-point testing
14. When A and B are unknown or it is not convenient to test A and B, the software can automatically calculate A and B closest to the measured value, which is more convenient for users
15. Additional strain can be preset, and plastic error at hole edge can be eliminated for known materials. It can also implant dynamic additional strain, which is treated separately according to the release amount of each wire grid, to perfectly eliminate the error caused by hole edge plasticity
16. For known surface treatment, the software can remove the influence of additional stress caused by this surface treatment method on the residual stress test results up to tens of MPa
17. The main direction of residual stress is clearly defined and correctly directed
18. In addition to the principal stress and direction, the directional stress, equivalent stress and maximum shear stress of the strain gauge wire grid can also be given to facilitate the prediction of the allowable strength of parts
19. For each test accidental error (patch and hole dispersion, additional strain dispersion), it can be processed according to dynamic A, B and release amount of each independent wire grid at the same time, and the true value range can be estimated
20. It can input the sensitivity, resistance, pattern, structural parameters and drilling parameters of the strain gauge, as well as the elastic modulus, Poisson's ratio and yield limit of the material, so as to truly measure the residual stress of various strain gauges on different materials accurately.
The above is the sharing of "the advantages of residual stress detector" by Dongyi Seiko, a stress meter supplier.
The glass surface stress meter is used to check the size and distribution of stress in transparent objects. It is not only widely used in optical glass, optical instruments, glass products, plastic products and other industries, but also plays an important role in the inspection of safety explosion-proof indicators of building materials, lamps, pharmaceuticals, beverages, handicrafts, and also has many applications in the fields of crystal jewelry production, geology and minerals, and materials science. At the same time, the surface stress instrument provided by Dongyi Seiko is also an ideal teaching experimental equipment for colleges and universities.

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