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Precautions for use of X-ray stress meter

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  • Date: April 16, 2020
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What are the precautions for using the X-ray stress meter? Dongyi Seiko will share with you:

In X-ray Stress meter Before long-distance transportation, angle support shall be installed to avoid displacement of X-ray tube sleeve due to shock during transportation. Before reusing the X-ray stress meter, be sure to remove the angle bracket first, or the servo motor will be burned.
When connecting the high-voltage cable, pay attention to the high-pressure pipe head not to be stuck with sundries (if necessary, wipe the high-pressure pipe head with alcohol, and ensure that the pipe head is absolutely dry before connecting the host). At ordinary times, do not touch the white ceramic part and the front metal head with your hands. After removing the cable, install the black protective sleeve immediately.
In order to reduce the heat generation of the ray tube and extend the life of the ray tube, the tube pressure and tube flow will be automatically reduced to the ready condition (20KV, 2mA) two minutes after the completion of measurement at each point, and the actual value can be seen on the computer screen. If the measurement is to be carried out all day long, the system can always be kept in working condition. The frequent ground switch system has certain damage to the X-ray tube.
When closing the XSTRESS 3000, wait until the tube flow and tube pressure drop of the X-ray tube reach the ready state (20KV, 2mA), and then close the system through the "Run down (F4)" in the software.

The above is the sharing of Dongyi Seiko on "Precautions for the use of X-ray stress meter". Shenzhen Dongyi Seiko Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the supply of stress testers, glass stress testers, Japanese original stress testers, fsm-6000le surface stress testers and other stress detection equipment, and provides professional laboratory solutions and equipment support services. Consulting hotline: 400-992-8117

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