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Technical indexes and characteristics of contact angle measuring instrument

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  • Date: April 16, 2020
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Contact angle measuring instrument It is mainly used to measure the contact angle of liquid to solid, that is, the wettability of liquid to solid. This instrument can measure the contact angle of various liquids to various materials. This instrument plays a very important role in scientific research and production of petroleum, printing and dyeing, medicine, spraying, mineral processing and other industries.
Technical indexes of contact angle measuring instrument
1. Test resolution: 0.01 °
2. Test precision: 0.1 °
3. Optical system:
(1) Imaging: standard CCD camera and continuous zoom microscope lens;
(2) Light source: adjustable brightness monochrome cold light LED backlight, the edge of the droplet in the image can be more clearly distinguished;
(3) Indexes: 25 frames/second as soon as possible, the microscope magnification is 0.7-4.5 times of continuous magnification, the imaging resolution is 55 piexl/mm~315 piexl/mm, and the horizontal resolution is 750 lines.
4. Test methods: hanging drop method, sitting drop method (static drop method), rotating drop method, insertion method
5. Contact angle analysis method: θ/ 2. Method, automatic analysis method
6. Image shooting method: single shot, continuous interval shooting (slow storage), continuous shooting (fast storage)
7. Contact angle test range: 0< θ< 180 ° image resolution: 768 × 576 × 24 bits;
8. Overall dimension of main machine: 560 × 200 × 360mm

Characteristics of contact angle measuring instrument
1 Standard CCD camera+advanced camera system
2 Video magnification: 20~200 times
3 Amplification mode: continuous zoom
4 Field of view: up to 12X8 (mm) Image resolution: 768X576X24 bits
5 Backlight The world's leading adjustable brightness cold light LED light source enables clearer image edge resolution.
6 Real time and measurement can be converted under the same interface by using shielding technology. That is, the image is frozen in the real-time window, and can be measured directly without changing the interface, which is convenient and increases real-time.
7 Use snapshot technology to store images in chronological order, and then use thumbnails to browse to select the best image for measurement. The sampling speed can reach up to 25 images/second.
8 Droplet volume The drop volume can be obtained through the micro injector.

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